Monday, December 5, 2011

Girls on the Run, Fall Season Wrap-up

A while ago I mentioned that I was having a really hard time enjoying my GOTR experience this fall. My dear friends above were a little rambunctious and required a little bit too much maintenance for a volunteer activity. Well things shaped up very shortly after I wrote that post. Maybe they had heard a little too much of my complaining about their behavior. 
This is the end of our season. Each girl completed a 5K the weekend before Thanksgiving. Don't we look fabulous in our green this season?!?! I loved it and I think they did too. We will see you back in the Spring :)


  1. Yay for GOTR! Love the pink and green :) And I love the fact that J & S are posing for a pic together...they were BFFs in my class, and it makes my heart happy to see that they are still buddies! But let me tell you, they sure were a handful together!

  2. Oh man...that must have been the year before I came to BES. They have been in the same class for 3rd and 4th too. They were definitely 2 of our pot stirrers this year. I'll have to make mention I know their Kindergarten secrets.