Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Love


Matthew Keough. It's only appropriate that Valentine's Day falls on a {Friday Love} Day. Happy Valentine's Day, Matt! Number {TWO} is also a great Valentine's song :)



Big Snow. I am so excited we got more than a couple inches of snow this week! It was so fun. I think Matt might think differently since he did the majority of the shoveling, but I would take one big snowstorm every year. Preferably in February!


Coffee at home. One of my favorite parts of weekends, snow days, and holidays from school is getting to sit and have my coffee at home. I swear it tastes better.


Olympics. I live with someone who claims to "hate the Olympics." I also live with someone who hasn't stopped watching the Olympics and always has commentary of his own to add to the nightly events. I have been enjoying the nightly events. It's kind of fun watching sports you really don't know anything about and don't normally get to see on TV. I think my favorites so far are the skiing events and ice skating.

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