Monday, February 10, 2014

Marathon Monday

Great news. I actually accomplished my goal of running at least once during the week. I attribute it to my strong motivation to have fun. I did miles with a friend. Lesson learned...miles may be less focused with friends, but they are most definitely more entertaining. My legs were so tired after last weekend, and my longest run ever, that it was a lot of work going after school on Tuesday, but I was very happy when I got home that I had got 3 miles in during the weekdays.

I got to break in my new shoes this weekend, the ones I was so inspired to buy after last weekend's half, half-marathon. I did 5.25 miles on Saturday using a new route. A couple of the hills just about killed me, but I was super excited about my pace when the whole thing was said and done. It was also fun to venture to new parts of my neighborhood that I don't usually use. It kept things a little more interesting. Sunday I did a very rough, painful 4.04 miles. I think my legs were just too tired from the day before, but I'm glad I made myself go out and do it.

This week I am hoping to run during the week and hopefully do a record number of miles over the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed for nice weather. This Marathon Monday's numbers: 12.29 miles this week and 82 days until Pittsburgh.

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