Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Love


$13,343,517.33. That's how much PSU Dance Marathon raised last weekend for the Four Diamonds Fund, a charity benefiting childhood cancer. I'm always proud to be a Penn Stater, but that record breaking total is just one more reason.


Crockpot Monday. Each Monday the 5th grade team at my work does a rotating schedule where someone brings lunch for the whole team, this year I joined the rotation. It was my turn this week. I'm sure you will see the recipe I used on my blog soon. Not having to pack lunch on Sunday nights and having a delicious lunch makes Mondays a little bit easier.


Cookbooks in the Library. Today I went into the library at school and saw these cute little cookbooks for kids laid out on one of the tables. I hope my friends check them out and become little chefs!


The Nest. Matt desperately wanted the Nest thermostat. I talked him out of it multiple times. Then I decided to be a nice wife and surprised him with it on Valentine's Day. It is pretty cool. You can control it from your phone and it learns your schedule so it can adjust itself. We are still learning how to use it to it's fullest potential. When I win the lottery I am going to buy the smoke alarms too.


Doug Kamerer. He's the local meterologist. I just love him and his snow day predictions. He's been quite a fixture in our living room this snowy winter. He has been bringing me a lot of good news. Currently, I'm feeling very conflicted about his ideas for Monday.

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