Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Love

Today's {Friday Love} will feature only one thing. It's one of my top loves in my life: Penn State Dance Marathon. In my life I have tried to describe THON to many people. It can't be done, or maybe I should say a personal account will never do it justice. You have to experience it to fully understand it. There is truly nothing like it. You can only tell someone so much about 48 straight hours of no sitting, no sleeping madness. THON is just so much love all together in one place. It's indescribable. I feel so blessed to have been a dancer in 2005, and a moraler all my other years of college. It was truly one of my greatest experiences as a Penn Stater.

Just an hour ago 700 dancers stood up, and they will be up all weekend long, along with thousands of other students raising money for pediatric cancer. If you have a chance, watch the live feed, especially Sunday if you can. You might get an idea of what a great place Penn State is and what it means when we say WE ARE...PENN STATE!

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