Monday, February 24, 2014

Marathon Monday

I'm excited! This weekend was quite productive in the way of miles. On Saturday I had to wake up at 4:57 a.m. (I only set my alarm for weird times, always ending in an odd number, but never 5) to get my cousin to Reagan Airport on time for his flight to Seattle. My plan was to drive out, drop him off, drive back to my neck of the woods and complete my miles. I wanted Saturday to be my most miles ever. I think having this attitude and this plan for Saturday morning really worked in my favor. I was driving back on Saturday when I realized I forgot my gloves and ear warmer, but knew that if I went home I would quickly get back into bed. I decided it wouldn't take me long to warm up and went directly to my running location. I started my first lap and my hands were so cold it was painful. I looked down and my hands were actually blue. I kept trying to pull down my sleeves. I thought I was going to have to quit, or go home and get my gloves, but by the next lap my hands were coming back to life. Thank goodness. Things drastically improved as the miles were getting completed. The temperature was climbing, I was entertained by two boys learning how to drive (but then quickly thought that I could be risking my life and potentially get run over), there was a county chorus event and I saw some students I know while I was running. I was so happy when I finished my 7.16 miles...I probably looked like a fool walking through a mostly empty high school parking lot with a big smile on my face. I was also pretty pumped that it was still before 9:00 and I had a whole day to do whatever I wanted and not procrastinate miles. Later on Saturday it was so sunny and so warm out I walked another 2.31 miles on our neighborhood trails with Matt.

Sunday I really tried to be a runner and wanted to do a 5k. I talked Matt into going with me since it was super nice out again. My legs were just so tired from the day before. I was struggling, but made myself complete the miles. Granted, it was three miles in a roundabout way to our closest Starbucks. That might have had something to do with my motivation. After the slow, slightly painful, three miles we took a direct, leisurely one mile stroll home.

Add my weekend miles to the short 2.23 I did after school on Thursday and my total this week is 15.7 miles, 13.47 of which happened over the weekend. That weekend total is a little crazy to me. And we are now 68 days from Pittsburgh.

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