Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Love


Humans of New York. Occasionally I scroll by a post by them on Facebook. I enjoy reading the stories. I saw {this one} earlier this week and it made me laugh. 


Holiday Cups & Holiday Drinks at Starbucks. Even though I don't frequent Starbucks, or even drink much caffeine anymore, the appearance of the holiday cups at Starbucks is still exciting. I had a good excuse to stop by this week and have one :) 


Masterchef Junior. A new season of the show premiered this week. I have never regularly watched Masterchef or Masterchef Junior, but Wednesday night's viewing was a gem. These kids make my recipes look like a joke. They mean business. Their stuff is restaurant quality and it's seriously beautiful. There are also two girls on there that are just too much. Abby and Oona...check them out. 


Kitchen Library. Two of my favorite things combined. What a {great idea}. 


Facebook Messenger. Seriously. I've read some articles about how people HATE messenger with a violent passion. I, however, don't know if I could go on without it. It's free texting, friends! This statement may be dramatic, but there was a time when I was in big trouble for over texting people out of network. Facebook messenger has saved me. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg. 

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