Monday, November 24, 2014

Marathon Monday

Last week I was busy racking up the miles. This week, not so much. Just a little over 13 miles total. My long run this past week was only to be six miles, a step back from last week's nine miler. That combined with the fact that we had some unseasonably COLD weather didn't prove well for even coming close to last week's accomplishments.

Sunday we did our 6 miles around my neighborhood. For a change of pace I decided we should do the route backwards. It's always so weird doing stuff like that. All the hills you think you are running up never seem hilly going down them, yet all the regular downhills seem like mountains to get up.

My other two runs, on the manageable weather days this week, were just as uneventful. I was pleased with my pace though. And it was exciting to use my new headphones, which very happily stayed in my ears. Upgrade! The two days included a little over three miles on Monday and four on Thursday leaving right from school to try to beat the sun setting. If nothing else it's nice to have somewhere different to run around rather than my neighborhood or my friend's.

The best part of this past running week was entering into the 4's on my countdown. Only 46 days until half marathon funsies!!!

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