Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friday Love, On Saturday

I went out last night! I hardly ever (more like never) go to Happy Hour, especially on a Friday when I can barely make it to bed without falling asleep on the couch. So my {Friday Love} didn't get finished on Friday, here it is on a chilly Saturday morning. Have a great weekend!


Mr. Terupt Falls Again. I talked a little bit before about how I was starting book clubs at school this year. I LOVED my first one. We read 'Because of Mr. Terupt.' Last weekend I read the sequel, 'Mr. Terupt Falls Again.' Sadly I will not be reading this with my group (it has too many teenage issues), but I am looking forward to sharing the first Mr. Terupt book with a new group soon.


Cousins. I LOVE my cousins so, so much! I can't imagine my childhood, or life today, without them. I saw this {funny article} about which cousins are coming to Thanksgiving and it made me laugh. All my cousins are 'the good cousins' and we have the best time at every holiday. Can't wait til Thursday!


New Shoes. Brooks came out with their new Adrenaline running shoes a few weeks ago, and I was more than ready for a new pair of running shoes. The two pairs that I had been wearing were past their prime. I actually bought two new pairs due to the amount of miles that will be put on them the next six weeks. I love, love the colors they did this year! What a difference some cushioning can make :)


Ciabatta, Pancetta, Chestnut Stuffing. I am a stuffing hater. I can't describe to you how much I dislike the stuff. It's always so mushy and chicken broth tasting. Then one fateful Thanksgiving years ago my sister made {this stuffing}. My life was changed. This stuff is good. So good. I'm telling you if you make this, you will never make another stuffing in your life. It has REAL bread, drastically improving the texture, and the flavor combination of the pancetta and rosemary can't be better. It's a Thanksgiving miracle!


Sport Clip Earbuds. You might remember the tragic story of my headphones breaking mid-run last weekend. Thankfully, I was able to find myself a new pair and they are quite an improvement. They stay in my ears without me having to adjust them regularly. It's great!

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