Monday, November 3, 2014

Marathon Monday

I swear the fall foliage was better looking than this.
Last week started with my Sunday long run. My goal was to do eight miles. In reality I was OK with only getting to six, so my goal was really more like at least six, no more than eight. I also asked Matt if he wanted to come along, and he surprisingly said yes. Historically, running together has not gone well. He goes too fast, I go too long. It's never worked out, but I am happy to report this time things went quite smoothly. At least the running together. I, however, was struggling. I knew two miles in that I was dehydrated, but kept making myself go. Really not the best idea. I ended up having to stop and collect myself a couple times. We stopped at about seven miles when I could take no more. 

Tuesday after school I was really not feeling it, but knew I needed to do something. I wanted to just get a couple miles in, but as I was gallivanting my neighborhood I started thinking about the rest of my week and realized that time was limited the rest of my days. I forced myself into doing a little over four miles because I knew the time wouldn't be there later in the week. Toward the end, some lady started being my cheerleader. She was telling me what a great job I was doing and then telling me all about the other places she had seen me that afternoon. 

Thursday I had a whole bunch of stuff to do, so I left school pretty quickly and got my run out of the way. I was super excited about my pace, one second off my fastest pace ever. I think I should run under pressure more often. 

This weekend we had Sunday plans to go hiking, so I did my long run on Saturday. Two long runs in one week technically. Matt joined me again for this one. I made up a new route and hoped for the best. After getting through the first couple miles things were going really well. I felt super good and the temperature was much cooler than the weekend before. I ended up getting my fastest pace for six miles which was exciting. This brought me up to 20.39 miles for the week. Only 67 days left until Disney...seems so close, yet so far!!!

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  1. You rock! I am so proud of you...keep up the great work!