Wednesday, September 9, 2015

35 Weeks

Thirty five weeks! I feel like that's serious. I also think my travel ban starts today. Good thing we have no plans to go anywhere. We had an eventful baby prep weekend with prepping freezer meals and finishing up the room. Pretty soon our checklist for 'before baby' will be done and we will just be anxiously awaiting his/her arrival. This weekend we are signed up for a childbirth class. I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to it or dreading it. I'm hoping the teacher is normal.

I must be looking pretty pregnant these days because today I had four students inquire about my pregnancy:

The first a 4th grade boy who about spilled his lunch tray in the cafeteria as we walked past each other saying, "Mrs. Flaherty! You're pregnant!" My response, "Yep." Him, "Woah."

A second later, I turned around to help a Kindergarten friend who really just wanted to ask me..."is there a baby in your tummy?" Me: "There is." Him: "Well what's their name?" Me: "I don't know because I don't know if it's a boy or girl." Him: confused.

Third Student (5th grade girl): "So, you're it a boy or girl." Me: "It's going to be a surprise. I won't know until it's born." Her: "Well I think it's a girl, and not just because girls are better but because I really think it's a girl."

Fourth student (another 5th grade girl): "Mrs. Flaherty I heard you are pregnant." Me: "It's true." Her: "I also heard you don't want to know what it is until it's born." Me: "That's also true." Her: "It's a boy because you haven't been eating sugary foods. If you want to eat sugary foods then it's a girl. Wait, what have you been eating?"

How far along? 35 weeks!

How big is the baby? One website says a honeydew, another says coconut. In my opinion those are two different sizes. The baby is estimated to be about 5 and 1/4 pounds and about 18 inches long.

Maternity clothes? I only wear dresses and skirts. Some are maternity, some are not. Virginia, PLEASE stop with this 98 degrees. EVERY.DAY. Please.

Sleep? Waking up frequently during the night to use the bathroom. Even with the waking up, I did get some really good sleep over the holiday weekend! If only every day was the weekend!

Symptoms? At the end of last week and over the weekend I was getting terrible swelling in my right ankle and foot. Things are going better since Monday. Other than that the normal being pregnant stuff.

Best moment this week? Finishing the baby's room and getting all those freezer meals done!

Food cravings? Not craving much right now.

Food aversions?
 Nothing really. I still have to be careful not to eat too much.

Gender? It's a surprise! I shared our Baby Hunch pool and we LOVE seeing your guesses! Submit one if you would like, just follow this link:

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach, easier movement...movement is getting much harder! I feel ridiculous trying to put on tennis shoes and trying to get up from the couch.

What I'm looking forward to? Celebrating Baby K with my team and coworkers next week!

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