Wednesday, September 2, 2015

34 Weeks

Interesting story...I went to the doctor this morning for a regular check up. I had a doctor that I met once in May. She obviously didn't remember me. I knew because she introduced herself to me like it was the first time we ever met. I get annoyed when people do this...I think they should at least pretend to know you since they can see on my chart that they have seen me. She started asking me questions that I thought were a little weird for the third trimester, but I went with it...I've never had a baby before. Then she asked if I had questions, so I asked a couple. Then she says to me, "OK, so today you are 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant..." At first I thought she misspoke and would catch herself, but she never did. So finally I interrupted whatever she was talking about to say that today I was 34 weeks pregnant. I have never seen someone's head snap so quickly and stare so blatantly at my stomach. (I should also mention that I wore a form fitting dress today, probably the tightest thing I have worn during my entire pregnancy.) She was shocked. She then apologized because she thought I was someone else and she had the wrong chart. Now I do keep hearing that I look smaller than 34 weeks, but really, 12 weeks! I do not look 12 week pregnant. I'm not sure how you make that mistake. I'm seeing the same doctor in two weeks. Let's hope she remembers me. 

How far along? 34 weeks!

How big is the baby? One website says a butternut squash (which I swear it's been three times now), another says a cantaloupe. The baby is estimated to be about 4 and 3/4 pounds and about 18 inches long.

Maternity clothes? This week I have worn only dresses or skirts to work and pajamas when I'm not at work. I'm starting to doubt I could fit into non-maternity wear, or it would definitely be a squeeze. I'll test it out Friday when it's jeans day at work :)

Sleep? Waking up frequently during the night to use the bathroom. I also had crazy dreams, that I think were related to serious baby movement, the other night. I thought the baby's arm came through my stomach. It didn't.

Symptoms? Most of my symptoms this week are just related to the first crazy weeks of school, not to mention the intense heat and humidity this week. My back gets tired and sometimes I have one fat ankle by the end of the day.

Best moment this week? After this morning's confusion...hearing a healthy heartbeat. It's also been fun to return to school and see kid's reactions, or hear their questions (most did not know I was pregnant at the end of last school year). I've been asked if I'm having a puppy or a baby. And the parents at open house could not fathom how I don't want to know if it's a boy or a girl. I heard from multiple people about how brave I am. I haven't taught any classes yet, so I'm sure I will get lots of funny questions and comments next week when my classes start.

Food cravings? Not craving much right now.

Food aversions?
Food and I have a love/hate relationship right now. I want to eat, but I get uncomfortable when I do.

Gender? It's a surprise! I shared our Baby Hunch pool and we LOVE seeing your guesses! Submit one if you would like, just follow this link:

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach, easier movement, energy.

What I'm looking forward to? Actually meeting the baby! Matt and I also made a little list of things we need to do in the next few weeks to feel more ready. I'm looking forward to checking items off the list.

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