Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Baby K's Room!

We are excited to share before and after photos of Baby K's room today! Of all the funny comments I have heard during my pregnancy, comments regarding what the room will be like probably come in in the top 5. First, when you tell people you aren't going to find out the sex of the baby that's just mind blowing enough for them. They can't get over how you will ever prepare, then they want to know what color you will paint the room and how you will choose a theme if you don't know if it's a boy or girl. When you tell people the room has no theme, they just can't handle it. I don't get it. First of all, a baby is a baby. What do you have to have for a girl that a boy doesn't need, and vice versa. Second, does your bedroom have a theme? Third, and this is my problem, I do not like baby things. Cute little animals, pastels, they just are not for me. I'm still trying to figure out how to blend a chair that looks like a monkey into my house.

If I had to fit Baby K's room into a theme category, for those theme lovers out there, I'm calling it travel and leisure. We started with the canvas of the United States map, and then added the three pictures of Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, and Boston (where we live, where I grew up, and where Matt grew up). Matt and I also love books so we wanted those to be a main part of the room. The wall shelving is one of my favorite parts, but not one of Matt's. There was much debate over those shelves! I think it adds some color to the walls and kind of doubles as art. So the travel part...the map and places important to us. The leisure...reading and hopefully a lot of sleeping. 

Our crib is from Target. This was one of Matt's big jobs. He did a lot of research about safety and standards and other things I just could not get into reading about. The bookshelf is a Kallax unit from Ikea turned on its side so that the baby (eventually) can reach everything. The shelves affixed to the wall are also from Ikea. The Ribba wall shelves are supposed to display pictures or art, but obviously we are using them for books. 

The striped storage bins came from Land of Nod. We will use them to hide what I call 'clutter' aka toys and other random things. The ABC carpet was mine when I was little, and made by my Grandpa. My cousins will also appreciate the most coveted toy from my grandparents house - the Chatter Telephone - pictured above. No iPhone for Baby K! 

Our dresser and side table also came from Ikea. We went with adult sized things for more storage space and also so they will last longer. We found our Thomasville glider on Wayfair after searching high and low, and waiting very patiently for the right color to be in stock. The United States canvas was a Home Goods find and I ordered the three prints from an artist I found on Etsy called Loose Petals. 

While it might have taken awhile for everything to come together, Matt and I are happy with how it turned out. We hope the baby will love it too, but I'm pretty sure they will just care if we feed them and change their diapers!

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  1. LOVE!!! I still remember the first time someone asked me what the theme of Shelby's nursery was going to be, and I replied with: "Um, pink and green?" They were not impressed with my response! ;)