Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

What a weekend! Matt and I had a good mix of productivity and relaxation. In effort to cross things off the 'to do before baby arrives list' we decided to make this the weekend of freezer meals. That was the main objective anyway. Friday night we went on a date to Wegmans. Meaning we ate dinner there and patiently (for the most part) grocery shopped with each other.

Saturday morning I started in on making the first of the freezer meals. Let me tell you that dealing with chicken guts at 9 am is not appetizing. The fact that College Gameday is finally back on did make it more bearable. Matt mostly helped by cleaning the majority of the house, another chore that needed taken care of this weekend. He also made the marinade for the Teryaki Chicken, and helped me with getting things into storage and washing some dishes. That afternoon we watched the trainwreck that was the Penn State game and waited for things to cool. We went out for dinner because there was just no way I was cooking another meal. Then we went over to Target to get out last item for the baby's room and a few other little things. We came home to get the last of the meals into the freezer, and assess how much space was left before we made anything else.

You can see all the recipes in the list below, and obviously in the freezer picture above. It's hard to tell how many meals it will actually turn out to be. I made various quantities of the recipes. They are also in various stages. Some things just need thawed and then reheated, some are just in marinade, some need ingredients added to them in the crock pot, etc. I also don't think we will necessarily just be eating this. I like salads too much, and of course things like salmon and fresh veggies will still be making an appearance I hope.

Sunday morning we went for a walk, I finished cleaning, and then we spent a few hours at the pool. I made three more recipes after we decided there was more space available in the freezer. We had a quick dinner then went for some frozen yogurt. We also watched Skeleton Twins on Netflix. Not the best movie, but not terrible either.

Today we got some more miles in and have been doing more chores around the house. It has been nice to have this three day weekend after the first full week of school instead of anticipating jumping in to the first day after a holiday weekend. I'm so excited to have the meal prep checked off the list. It was really the most daunting of all the things still left on it. Hopefully they turn out well. It's definitely something I would do again if it all works out.

Recipes we used:
Chicken, Black Bean, and Cheese Enchiladas - apparently I've never made these before, or I've never blogged about it. All I did was roll those three things up in some flour tortillas and put them in a freezer bag. I do not claim to be a good enchilada maker, but I'm sure these will be edible.
Matt's Chicken Teryaki
Lasagna Soup
Chicken Tikka Masala
Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers
Greek Yogurt Oat Banana Muffins
Sausage and Tortellini Soup

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