Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kane, Sarah, and Sammy

I used to hate morning radio talk shows. Seriously awful if you asked me. I mean who really wants to hear all this talking when you are trying to get yourself pumped up for a long day of nonsense...I need pump up music. All this said, my opinion has changed. I am one hundred percent obsessed with The Kane Show. I'm not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life. If you know me, you know that I can get a little upset about having to go back to work after winter break, or summer, or really the weekend, but then I get a little excited when I realize that my favorite morning show will be there to greet me after my leave of absence. Bottom line - I couldn't live without my Kane Show. Slight exaggeration, yes, but it really does make a difference every morning during my 45 minute drive. (Side note the afternoon guy is terrible and I want to make a plea to Kane, Sarah, and Sammy for help, but for now I just change the channel when he starts talking).

The Kane Show stars Kane, Sarah, and Sammy with a little bit of Eric. Matt will tell you that I'm crazy about these people. He regularly asks "How was Kane today?" when I come home from work. My friends and I reference them in conversation. I text into the show hoping I will get mentioned on the air. All this from a person who would do anything to avoid a morning show in her past. I've gone to a whole new level of stalk with Kane. I'm blog stalking his wife and children. I will sit in my car in the parking lot at school just to hear the end of their banter.

I highly suggest you start tuning in (HOT 99.5). You may enjoy the occasional "Confession Wednesday" during which people admit a deep dark secret about themselves or someone close to them. My personal favorite is "War of the Roses" where Kane or Sarah call and try to catch people cheating on each other. Then the topics are just ridiculous and can range from child rearing to Kane's bout of road rage with a local news anchor. Take it from a convert...The Kane Show will be the highlight of (some) of your days, and definitely all of your morning commutes :)

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