Friday, March 4, 2011

Top 5 Friday

This blog post is dedicated to my wonderful friend Sarah. She is the inspiration for this post, maybe even my blogging role model. Sarah and I use to work together. She taught Kindergarten, but she has left me for warmer climates and a baby girl. Anyway, while we were working together we had a special "top 5" that we collaborated on all year last year. She also occasionally posts a top five Friday on her blog. So I thought I might give it a try this Friday. I'm classifying it as a random top five. So here goes:

1. Netflix. My family does a grab bag each year for Christmas and this year Matt participated. He received a subscription to Netflix from one of my cousins. I really didn't think I would like it, but its great. We've been able to see lots of movies we probably would have never see and its soooo convenient.

2. The things 5-11 year olds say. Sometimes (meaning like at least 9 times a day) I find myself thinking is this seriously why I have a master's degree? When in the middle of a riveting lesson on tattling this week the conversation took a natural turn to Justin Bieber and marrying him. Seriously?!  Or another example... the meeting I had containing an explanation of how the bruise on the head was from hitting it on the toilet.

3. The Neti-Pot. If you don't have one, get one.

4. Living Social/Groupon. If you live in a major city you may be familiar with these wonderful deals. Each day you receive an email containing a deal from one of these companies. I, at this point, get about 5 emails a day for my area between the different companies and all the areas around me that have deals. I really do look forward to opening my email each day! I think they are wonderful. The deals are mostly for 50% off different restaurants or places in your area. Between the two of us I'm not sure that we have actually full out paid for going to eat in quite some time.

5. Jeans on Fridays. I love being able to wear jeans on Fridays. Mostly, I hate deciding what to wear every morning these days and this makes it like 10 times easier to just put on a pair of jeans and a shirt thats actually somewhat comfortable. It's the little things.

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  1. i heart this post...obvi. can't wait for the next top five. MISS YOU!