Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to School

Room 131
Well friends here is the outcome of work week (the part that's interesting to see and the non-paperwork junk). It appears my office is up and running for the next ten (yes it is actually ten and not nine as most people say) months. As you can tell I'm totally overflowing with stuff and have resorted to plastic bins on top of and underneath everything for storage, but overall I'm just glad my desk is yet to be stacked with paper piles. Another happy note from work week...a whole bunch of co-workers and myself went to HH on Thursday after work. It was a fabulous and very hilarious time. I'm hoping for at least a few more of these to keep things interesting this year. 

Right now they are calling for serious rain all week. I feel like this happens every single year. Does meteorology not understand just how painful the first week of school in torrential downpour can be? Getting confused and lost children off buses and to where they need to be is not fun in the rain. I don't expect to be dry the majority of the week. Cross your fingers for me this one gets lost, minimal tears, and no wrestling screaming children from their parents.

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