Tuesday, September 27, 2011

School Days

Just a little update from the world of school counseling. Two conversations I had today are below.

Number One:
Me: Boys and girls, who knows what the yellow pages is?
Student: That's when you highlight the whole page and you aren't supposed to.
Me: Well that's creative.

And Number Two:
Student: Can I be in your friendship club?
Me: Do you really think you still have friendship problems?
Student: Yes, with ____.
Me: Well if you two would stop acting like divas and getting in each other's business all the time there wouldn't be a problem.
Student:Well you are always in everyone's business.
Me: Good point.

On separate note another season of Girls on the Run began today. I'm sure there will be some delightful running notes along the way, especially with my 25 eight to ten-year-old variables. I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime please share with any youth in your life about that antique in your home called the phone book.

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