Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Excitement Galore!

I haven't posted in forever! I have quite a few good reasons. Life has been exciting around here. Last Thursday was my birthday. Since Thursday is one of Matt's class days I was lucky enough to have my friend, Dana, accompany me to dinner that night. We went to one of my favorite Thai restaurants in Fairfax, Pad Thai. It's a tiny little place, but it's the best I have found in the Northern Virginia area. I made the fatal mistake of saying that I like spicy this time. And they were not joking with my food. It was out of control spicy, but still delicious. It also lasted 4 days cause I could only eat a little at a time. Friday, Matt and I went to Founding Farmers. Another favorite in DC.

I went to Philadelphia early Saturday morning for my friend Melissa's bachelorette party. I took the Megabus up. I survived and would potentially do it again, but it will never be my preferred method of travel. It was great to hang out with friends and have some girl time. Only three more weeks until the big wedding day!

And finally, probably the most exciting of all, my friend Nicole had her baby yesterday! I was so thrilled that all of BES was on baby watch most of the day. I got to meet baby Andrew tonight. He is fabulous and the whole family is doing great. I can't wait to see him again in a non-hospital environment.

While all of this excitement has been fun, I am more than ready to have a boring weekend at home this weekend. I need to seriously relax and get some sleep!

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