Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Where are you sunshine?!?! Today I went for the drowned rat look at BES. At the start of arrival there was no the end I would call it torrential downpour. I was the lucky one with no umbrella. Unfortunate. And not only this, but I also had a Kindergarten friend throw a lovely fit in the middle of the downpour. Nice that my dear sweet friend had a raincoat, but I was not so lucky. I did eventually find a clothes dryer and put what I could in there and was dry for the majority of the afternoon. However, my thick hair remained looking straight out of the shower all day long. Never a dull moment. And please let me mention that another Kindergarten friend was so upset today that when I gave him my sunshine stress ball to hold he accidently ripped off a ray of the sun and then proceeded to eat it. Again, accidently, I'm pretty sure. But I burst out laughing and asked him if he just really ate my sun. He started laughing too which cured the tears and all was well again. Unless you were the sunshine. Let's see what day three brings tomorrow.

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  1. There's nothing like a bite of sun, E...great stories!