Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Love


Spring Forward. I just love Spring Forward! It makes me so happy. I will gladly lose one hour of sleep for a longer period of light any day. The time change has also really helped my motivation to do some after school running this past week. If given the chance I might actually lobby to abolish the fall back time change in the future.


Charlottesville. I spent Thursday and Friday this week in Charlottesville at a conference about leadership. After some very anxiety provoking changes in the plans we arrived in Charlottesville and began our sad excuse for a "Marchcation." The speakers at the conference were more entertaining than anticipated and I did get to travel with a friend. Thankfully, we also had some free time. We enjoyed some collegial fellowship with our co-workers around town. The first night we went to the corner, and the second night we went to the downtown mall. We found a really good restaurant near the mall that I would highly recommend to anyone who might be in Charlottesville. Maya had a very cool atmosphere and excellent food. Each one of us ordered something different and everyone was very pleased! We also had time for some miles through UVA on Thursday afternoon. More on the miles on Monday.


Food Maps. Have you seen these? We all know I really enjoy food. What you might not know is how much I love maps. I know - another weird fact, but really, I could look at a map for while. I guess I just like to know where stuff is and planning fun trips to go there. Out of these food maps I think Italy, India, and Africa are the most beautiful, and France looks the most delicious with all that yummy cheese!


Man in the Mirror. Man in the Mirror is on my running playlist. Mostly because I haven't downloaded music since about 2004. And because I do love some Michael Jackson. I do love every time it comes on when I'm running. I don't know why, but I do. I do think good old MJ has some really good points in this song....something to think about. Sorry for the slightly intense music video.


Sleeping in your own bed. I had fun on my trip away this week. It was a nice change of pace, but there is nothing like being away and then coming home to sleep in your own bed.

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