Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Love


Love, Teach. I have recently starting following the blog Love, Teach. Previously I had only occasionally read it, but not I'm a follower. She's got some great posts. My most recent favorites include the 16 ways to monitor testing and Cardigans: A Love Story. The cardigans one really hits home.


Radioactive. I finally downloaded a couple new songs from iTunes earlier this week. Radioactive included. It just brought back some really good memories from summer when I clicked on it and I couldn't resist.


Toms. I wish I was rich and could buy all the Toms I ever wanted. Toms and, you know, lots of other things, but now that spring is coming (finally) I wish I had so many pairs.


Exceeding Expectations. This week I was testing with fidelity once again and my friend was such a fabulous star I was smiling the whole day! It's just so nice to see my friends rise to the occasion. Sometimes my job really has some benefits!


A Clean House. I consider myself a nice and neat, orderly person, but truth be told sometimes I really lack the motivation to clean our house. There's just a lot of other things I would rather be doing. Once it's done though, there really is no better feeling.

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