Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life's a Happy Song

I never got around to my {Friday Love} post on Friday. It was my turn to host game night, so I was a little busy. And usually I prep that post throughout the week when I have a good thought, but I guess that never happened either. It seems like the whole month of March has flown by.

There were some highlights this week. We had a snow day on St. Patrick's day. Matt got to stay home too, so that was nice. We watched a movie and just hung out. At school we have been giving the 5th grade writing SOL. Typically I just help out with the logistics of testing, and maybe test a small group here and there. Well, I really lucked out for this test. I got to test one of my very special friends, and because there were multiple special accommodations for my friend there was a second grown up in the room watching me give the test with fidelity. My friend is just the happiest person. He sang the entire time I was trying to test him. My favorite song that he sang to me was "Life's a Happy Song." I have a lot of funny moments from my two mornings of testing, but I think you all should just take my friend's advice and listen to his jam below.

Game night on Friday was a nice end to the week. Instead of making dinner for everyone, I finally found a Virginia fish fry. It was no Pittsburgh fish fry, but it sufficed. I don't think people outside of PIttsburgh really know what a fish fry is, but it's a start. I'm also having a hard time describing to people the ambiance and menu of a fish fry in the 412. Then instead of playing a game we watched March Madness and ate dessert. It was nice to change things up a little bit. 

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