Monday, March 17, 2014

Marathon Monday

Guess what?! I ran almost everyday this week! Today hardly counts since there was yet another snowstorm in the Northern Virginia area. The only other day I didn't make it out was Friday. I thought about it, but decided it should be a rest day to get ready for the weekend and I was so, so tired after my trip to Charlottesville. Tuesday was the most beautiful day outside, and because it was still light out after work (yay spring forward) I took advantage of the spectacular conditions and did a quick run around my neighborhood. Wednesday I did a couple laps at GOTR before a torrential downpour and my drive to Charlottesville.

Thursday I was really excited for some new scenery. After our time sitting all day at our conference my running friend and I took a little run around UVA and some residential streets nearby. It was quite an interesting few miles. It started out as what we referred to as "the Rocky run" because all we did for the first mile was navigate and run up stairs. I was terrified the whole time I was going to fall. It was also difficult to figure out where to go when you are unfamiliar with the area. It all worked out though, and after all those stairs we had a nice downhill at the end.

Run around the Rotunda...happy for a change of scenery.
This weekend, Saturday was beautiful weather again so I changed up my usual medium run around my neighborhood to try to keep things interesting. Sometimes the miles are getting a little boring. I think I need new songs on my playlist...any suggestions are welcome. Finally on Sunday I did my long run of the week around Manassas to finish out 18.91 miles for the week. In case you are's hilly like my neighborhood. Good thing because I've hear Pittsburgh has some hills too. Only 47 days!

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