Monday, September 8, 2014

31 by Thirty-One

One of my favorite things about this summer was the weather. Typically Virginia summers are brutal. Hot. Devastatingly humid. Overall miserable. This summer, though, was a total gem. Bearable heat, little humidity. Perfect. Don't you know that back-to-school rolls around and the weather gets miserable. Mostly I care about this for two reasons. One, bus duty. Not pleasant. Though it doesn't quite beat the opening week four years ago when it poured down rain with hurricane like winds for three days straight before they just closed school on the fourth day. And two, naturally this is when I started to get back into a running routine. 

The heat has been hard. I trained for the Pittsburgh half mostly through a brutally cold winter (which I really don't think I will ever complain about again), so this has been an adjustment. I still haven't signed up for that race I'm considering, so I decided to set a short term, small goal to keep myself in line. I'm calling it 31 by Thirty-One. I started it last Sunday. I decided I would try to get 31 miles in by my 31st birthday. So far I am at about 18.6 that means I have 12.4 more to do between now and next Monday. I'm hoping to drag myself out of bed before work twice this week to make a dent and then finish over the weekend. I think I'll make it :)

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