Monday, September 1, 2014

Motivation Monday

Happy Labor Day! Last week I was laboring away...both being back to school and trying to get my walk/run life back together. I am actually pretty excited about how many miles I did get in last week. After learning a lesson about running in the heat last weekend and early last week I decided that it might just be worth getting myself out of bed early in the morning and getting miles in before work. I told myself Tuesday would be my first morning.

Well Matt's alarm went off and I immediately started thinking about how I should probably just go back to sleep, but then I gave myself a little pep talk about how I can't quit on the first day. It worked. I got up and did it, and it was great. The weather was so much cooler and all day I just kept being so excited that my miles were already done for the day. It went so well that I did morning miles again on Thursday.

My favorite day of running was Saturday. I set my alarm to get up early again. Penn State was playing in Ireland so the game was being televised at 8:30 and I wanted to be finished by then. I also made a deal with myself that if I got up and did the miles I could have real coffee while watching the game. It worked, and the miles actually weren't as terrible as some of my others this week.

So I guess you could say that things are getting back in line. My goal for the next few weeks is to keep getting up in the mornings until this awful heat and humidity leaves town. I am feeling more motivated to register for a half marathon, but haven't quite bit the bullet yet. Hopefully with a few more miles and some cooler weather I will make the commitment.

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