Monday, September 15, 2014

Thirty One.

When you Google "31" the first thing that comes up is the ever popular Thirty-One bags that every brings their lunch in, or takes to the pool. When you Google "31 years old" you learn a lot about what other people who are 31 are doing to screw up their lives. Suddenly I feel so normal and smart. Why did I Google this? I don't know. Maybe last year (at the time) seemed like a big deal. Thirty. Milestone. But thirty one, who really cares? I mean it's not a big deal to turn thirty one, but I sure am glad to have a new number.

Thirty was not my best year. It wasn't my worst either. I would say that was 23. Don't get me wrong. Thirty had some high points. I completed my first half marathon, we took some fun trips, I had the summer off, day-to-day living with family and friends was great. Let's just sum the low points up as a lot of 'life is not fair' lessons learned. While I'm completely sure that no matter what number I am, life will always have it's challenges, I am excited to begin a new year. Here's to birthday wishes coming true and a better year ahead!

Oh and PS, in case you are wondering...I made my 31 miles by thirty one goal. I finished with 37.87 :)

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