Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bull Run Mountain

I've lived in Virginia for eight years now. Six of them in Northern Virginia. And I'm at the start of my seventh year working for Prince William County Schools. I've heard a lot about Bull Run Mountain, but I've never really seen the mountain. It's possible that I have said that I didn't think Bull Run Mountain actually existed, but I have also been in love with Bull Run Mountain for a long time now. It is our best bet for getting a snow day! Well yesterday I decided that we should spend some time today hiking the mountain as a little birthday activity.

It was only about a twenty minute drive from our house. It was super easy to get to the trail entrance, but I was a little nervous because there were no maps available. We just decided to go with it. We also later figured out that all the trails pretty much loop into one another. And somehow we took a different way down than up, but it all worked out. The hike was pretty nice. It had about a half mile stretch where you thought the incline might never end, but most of it was pretty easy. The view from the top was nice and there were some good rocks to sit on and take in the view.

It was also nice to do another form of exercise other than my usual walking or running around my neighborhood trails, streets, and sidewalks. This fall I would also really like to try to do the Old Rag hike in Shenandoah, but I have heard it's quite a bit more challenging. Has anyone done it? Anyone want to do it with us? 

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