Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Marathon Monday

MARATHON Monday! It's officially back! It's back because I signed up to run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon in January!

Here's the story:

I have a friend who does Disney's Marathon weekend every year, and last year a lot of my friends went, but not me. After they came back I was convinced that I was going, but wasn't sure what race I would register for, if any...maybe I would just go on vacation. Registration opened in April - and sells out very quickly - and at that time I wasn't really sure where my life would be in January, and I still hadn't run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon yet, so I wasn't completely sure half marathoning was for me. So in April I signed up for the 10k held that weekend and figured I could at least walk the 6.2 miles if nothing else.

Fast forward to two weeks ago...I was wavering about even going to Florida. I was thinking I was just going to take my registration for the 10k as a loss and stay home. I was also considering registering for the Richmond Half Marathon in November since I had started doing miles again. Matt was encouraging the Disney trip, but I felt like there was a lot to consider, and a lot of reasons to not go. Then suddenly Disney decided to open up more spaces in the half marathon. I didn't sign up immediately. I was having major heartache over this. Really, I was. I couldn't decide if I should abandon my Florida plans completely or solidify them by registering for the additional race. Matt was extremely sick of hearing about it, so finally I decided that if it was still open on Friday morning I would register. And guess what...it was.

I filled out all the information and really stared at the 'submit payment' button for a long time. I finally clicked it. I can't say all of my reservations were gone. I felt sick until at least lunchtime. I'm still not sure I made the right or best decision, but at least it's a decision. I'm going to Florida in January...to run a 10k on Friday and half marathon on Saturday...

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