Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Love


Book Club. One of my goals this school year is to do some book clubs. I started my first one this week, and now I am even more excited. I'm sure you will hear more about it on my blog. I am starting with six fifth grade girls reading the book Because of Mr. Terupt. Can't wait to see how things progress.


The Count-selor. I get asked all kinds of questions in my line of work, but this week I got asked a question I have never heard before. I was talking with student who is new to my school this year. We didn't really know each other. He kept asking me where my kids were (because he thought I had a class that should be in my office). I reminded him I was the School Counselor. Then he asked what I COUNT all day. I was laughing so hard. I tried explaining what the counselor actually does. He just wanted to know if I count money.


Cooler Weather. I am SO SO SO excited for some actual fall weather this weekend. I'm celebrating by making my first pot of chili!


Maps & Charts. You might know that I'm a little bit of a map lover. I don't know why, its just a thing. Well last week I saw {these maps & charts} that show statistics and make comparisons. More things I really like. Check them out, some are surprising.


Coffee Saturdays. I quit coffee back in July. I was pretty strict about it back then. Now, though, I have loosened up a little bit. I just couldn't handle College Gameday and football Saturdays without it. I look forward to my coffee fix each weekend!

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