Monday, October 27, 2014

Marathon Monday

I started off this week of training with a Sunday long run. Sunday was a little chilly (no big deal, better than being hot) and very windy. I'm telling you it was like swirling wind in every direction we turned. It was great resistance training. Sunday was the most enjoyable part of my training week. Then the weekdays came...

The weekdays had me so wishing we owned a treadmill. It rained a lot. And it was serious rain. No chance for running on Monday or Tuesday, and after two days of having a great excuse to do nothing, it's difficult to get motivated again. Wednesday it was still raining and secretly I was hoping the rain wouldn't stop, but then it did. My excuse was gone. I made myself do the miles and surprisingly they didn't go that bad. Thursday after a very crazy day at work I was glad to go out for a few walking miles, and then I finished my week of miles on Friday (Saturday was a rest day since I have been doing my long runs on Sundays). Friday was a little painful and it was dark. I was happy to be finished with 16.44 miles for the week and happy the weekend was starting.

When this week is over it will be November! Last November I was just starting to train for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon. It is exciting to think about how far I have come since then. It was challenging just to do two miles at a slower pace than I do now. And I think my mental toughness has definitely improved. Only 74 days until my second half marathon!

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