Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Love


Second Grade Foodies. It's a not so little known secret that my favorite, favorite age group is second graders. I also love to talk about food. And {this video} shows second graders eating at one of NYC's most upscale restaurants. They give quite the review. I loved it.

*Disclaimer: I really love all my K-5 friends, but if I had to pick...


October. I love October for is lovely cooler, but not too cold, temperatures, colorful fall leaves, and what seems like nightly sunsets that are gorgeous. Those companied with football season and the beginning of warm, delicious fall/winter foods is just fab.


Chai Tea. Yes, tea has made an appearance on Friday Love. I have trouble believing it too. I was trying to find a coffee replacement so I started with some decaf chai. It's not that good, but I have been working on trying to like it. I found out that if I let it steep for a while and add some almond milk and a tiny splash of half and half its not that bad :)


Pretty Fall Flowers. My sister-in-law sent us some lovely, cheerful flowers after a very dramatic and tragic start to our week.


Friday Nights. Friday nights are always just such a relief for me. I'm not in a race to do miles, make dinner, pack lunch, get ready for the next day, get to bed at a decent hour, etc. It seems like on Fridays it doesn't matter what time we finally get to eat dinner, or what time we get to bed. I just enjoy being able to relax and not be in a race against the clock.

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