Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Love

Happy Friday! I'm so glad it's the weekend. We don't have major plans, but I'm happy with that. I hope to run a bunch of miles on Sunday morning, and we are going to one of my favorite DC restaurants on Sunday for dinner! What are you up to?


Katy Perry on Gameday. My first three loves go back to last Saturday. I like Katy Perry and I really like College Gameday. I was so excited it was a two for one deal last Saturday morning. She was the celebrity picker, and seriously she was so much better than a lot of the fools they get on there. She even had props.


Corso vs. Katy Perry. Lee Corso brings a lot of hilarity to the last 10 minutes of my favorite Saturday morning never know what might happen, really. Last week, though, KP blew him out of the water pick wise. Look at {this} run down. This is how we do.


Ole Miss vs. Alabama. Football is really the only sport where I can watch a full game, beginning to end, and be invested, when one of my teams is not involved. I was loving the Ole Miss Alabama game last week. I was very invested in an Ole Miss win, and it happened!


Gas that Starts with a 2. This is my gas station! Gas prices in the 2's...WHAT?!?!


Running Thoughts. Crazy stuff goes through my mind when I'm logging my training miles. Mostly when running alone I do a lot of math trying to figure out how much longer. {This article} is so funny and I have legitimately thought almost all 75 things on the list. Especially the ones about finding bodies.

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