Monday, October 20, 2014

Marathon Monday

I have been doing my long runs on Sundays. Last Sunday was ROUGH. I was struggling the majority of the time. Every so often when I am running I have terrible calf and shin pain. Sometimes it loosens up and it's OK. This was not the case on Sunday. It just wouldn't go away. I have never been so happy for 6.13 miles to be over.

Last Monday I had a professional development day ALLLL day long. After Sunday's experience I was really not wanting to do any miles, but I forced myself since I was home earlier than usual and since I basically sat all day. I can't tell you the difference. It was seriously such a good run. My legs felt great and my time was my fastest pace ever by a lot. To make that day even better, Matt made dinner (recipe to follow) because he had off for Columbus Day.

I finished the second half of my week with a Wednesday run after school with a friend, and then on Friday doing a little over four miles before going out to socialize. I was a little more focused on getting those four miles done and out of the way with the promise of 'Rimkus pizza' after it was over :) Friday's run brought me up to 16.75 miles for the week and today we are 81 days away from my half marathon, and only 80 days from the 10k I will do the day before. I'm already excited, but it's still a long time to wait.

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