Monday, October 6, 2014

Marathon Monday

I have just had the most fabulous week in training! Let's start with last Sunday (because I'm not trying to drive myself crazy with Tuesday-Monday weeks this go around). I couldn't do my long run on Saturday because we had morning plans and then Penn State was on, and after that it just gets to be a little bit warm. So last Sunday...I tried experimenting with a little variation on my normal 5ish mile route because I'm already getting a little bit bored. My new trial route was nothing amazing, but it ended up going very well. I achieved my fastest pace ever for 5-6 miles. Good way to start the week.

Both Monday and Tuesday we had back to school night at BES, so those days had to be no mile days because I have given up my morning miles since it's darker and the temperatures are now more manageable in the afternoons. After the longest start to the week ever, I was happy to have a reason to leave work at a reasonable time to get some miles in on Wednesday. I had to work a little bit harder to keep my enthusiasm for after school on Thursday. I decided maybe a random route would cure my boredom with my 3ish mile weekday route. After inhaling serious fast food grease smells and gas fumes while running this random route, followed by my RunKeeper malfunctioning, I didn't have high hopes for my pace as I was getting closer to end of my run. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and my RunKeeper informed me that I set a new record for pace...and it was by quite a bit!

I ran both days this past weekend, but only Saturday's miles count in my total for the week. I did another 5ish miles. This time my usual 5 mile route. The weather was pretty nice, but the sun was a little warm. The best part was that I beat my Sunday time by one second! The best part about the whole weekend, though...I FINALLY REUNITED with my running partner yesterday! Seriously so much better than dong the miles by myself. Not only that, but it was nice and cool, but still sunny, and I got a change of scenery! I was just thrilled for myself.

After 16.51 miles this week and consistently doing the miles at a good pace, I feel like I am getting back to where I was in the spring. Good thing because we are now less than 100 days (95 to be exact) away from Disney!

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