Thursday, September 18, 2014

We Broke Bad

Last Friday night we watched the final three episodes of Breaking Bad. You might remember that we started watching this summer with our friends the Rimkus', so naturally we had to end together as well. It was so exciting, yet so sad. Matt and I have been missing our nightly episode each evening this week. Watching the end of the show obviously warranted a themed party, even if our love for the show developed a few years late, and we were the only people throwing a finale party in 2014.

We ate chicken and tator tots just like Los Pollos Hermanos and had meth cupcakes with some periodic table labels and phrases from the show. (Cupcake recipe coming soon!) The we watched! And the final episodes didn't disappoint. It was great writing and suspenseful up until the end. I had heard mixed reviews on the ending, but in my opinion the show ended the right way. If you haven't watched Breaking Bad, I highly recommend it. It's among the best shows I have watched/starting watching on Netflix. Now I am looking for something new to watch. Suggestions are very welcome!

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