Friday, January 3, 2014

Friday Love


Staycation. Every year Matt's work does an annual conference the first week in January. Last year you might remember I joined him in New Orleans. Well this year is a little less exciting...Washington, DC. It's kind of fun, though, to stay in a hotel in your own city. At least I think so. I am going to join him tonight and see what I can find to do in the nation's capital.


Orange is the New Black. Matt and I recently finished all the episodes of Mad Men that we had been watching together, so we needed a new Netflix show. I had been wanting to watch Orange is the New Black since the summer, but we waited on it. We finally watched the first episode together earlier this week. Matt is not a fan, but I love it, so I am watching it by myself. It's by the same writer as Weeds which was our first Netflix obsession. It documents a rich, white woman's experiences in prison. I highly recommend it!


Snow Days. I know this has already made a {Friday Love} list, but I couldn't help but add it on again today. Yesterday when I was leaving school I thought there was no way we would have today off, but we got more snow than predicted (you know almost 2 whole's going to be a really sad day if we ever move back to Pennsylvania and I have to give up these snow days) and I was so excited every time I looked out the window last night...I couldn't wait for the code red call, which finally came around 10:45 last night.


Birchbox. Last Christmas (like Christmas a year ago) my sister gave me a 6 month subscription to Birchbox. At first I wasn't that excited, but I grew to love getting my little box in the mail once a month. You get little samples of new beauty products and you can go online to review them for points (10 points per review) and 100 points equals 10 dollars. Well I spent my free birchbox money around mid December and I was so upset when they sent me the wrong products in my order. So I emailed them about it and not only did they let me keep the products they accidentally sent, they also get me a full refund for everything I spent, and sent me the new products for free. It did take a long time, but now I can go shopping for free again and end up with everything I wanted plus some :)


NY Times Dialect Map. So I'm sure you all have seen this by now, but I thought I would post about it anyways. You answer 25 questions and the results show what city your dialect is most like based on your answers. I really can't believe it's accuracy. Everyone I know who has taken it has got the city they should. A screen shot of my map is to the left. Pittsburgher!!!!

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