Monday, January 13, 2014

Marathon Monday

I have gone back and forth for a little while now about theme-ing one of the days of the week with half marathon training news. I guess today, on a whim, I am naming Monday that was that or training Tuesday, but I am hoping that Marathon Monday can be a little motivation to get myself in gear on the weekends, especially. The extreme cold weather, ice, and snow have not been helpful. 

What is helpful though, is logging all walk/run activities on RunKeeper. Back in October, when I was still debating this half marathon, I did like two random miles one day just to see how it would go...since then I have cut over 8 minutes off that time. That gives me hope friends. And not only has my pace gotten better, but now it's actually slightly more enjoyable, and I don't want to die and quit the whole time anymore. 

This weekend's biggest facebook blowing up with pictures of Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. I had so many friends completing quite the array of races this weekend the least I could do is go run four miles around my neighborhood. Congratulations to Brian, Kathy, Mike, Sam, Bryan, and Ashley...who ran between 22.4 and 48.6 miles each this weekend. I'm super proud and super jealous! 

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