Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Love


Work Friends. I am so happy to work with people that I consider to be good friends. A lot of work friends took a little vacation last week and those were some lonely times. I'm so happy my friends came back!


New Furniture. We got new furniture for our living room today. It's so exciting. And big. The good news is we can now both lay on a couch at the same time, and not as many people will have to sit on the floor when they come to our house.


Avogolemono. You might remember my obsession with Katerina's. Well, they have this amazing soup...I would describe it as Greek chicken and rice soup. It's so lemony (I love lemons!!!) and delicious. I am going to attempt to make it this weekend. I found what looks like a super easy recipe on Dinner: A Love Story, one of my fave food blogs. I can't wait!



Kid Thoughts. There are days where I don't think I will make it til 4:00, actually there are days where I look at the clock and can't fathom how it's only 9:30 because of the ridiculousness that has already happened in my day. But every once and awhile one of my little shining stars says or does something that is just so funny, I can't help but like my job a little bit more. One of my favorites from the past week is when a 4th grade girl was eating lunch with me and confessed that for her whole first year at BES as a 3rd grader she thought I was the real Katy Perry. I'll take it.

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