Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Love


No School January. Here in Virginia we got a whopping 4 inches of snow Tuesday and subsequently got Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off from school in addition to a two hour delay today. Add this to the MLK holiday on Monday and 2 other snow days we had this month and we basically haven't done much but stay home and love life this January. I'm only a little worried about a big February snow storm I have been praying for since 2010 and having to go to school extra minutes or days in the future.


Virginia Gateway. Moving to the suburbs was a little anxiety provoking when we bought our house. We can't walk to as much stuff and the caliber of restaurants isn't the same, but with the addition of Virginia Gateway in Gainesville, things are starting to look up. We have a movie theatre now, and new shops and restaurants are starting to open. Last weekend I went to Bar Louie for happy hour on Friday and Sunday night we met a bunch of people for dinner at Nando's Peri-Peri. Both were good and I still can't believe how many people were at Bar Louie's happy hour in Gainesville at 4:00 and then the rest of the night.


This post on Dinner: A Love Story had me laughing.


Wegmans has made {Friday Love} before and this Buzzfeed really just hits home to us Wegmans lovers. Numbers 6, 7, especially 11, 21, and 25 are my faves. And I have often had #23 cross my mind when I have my days of wanting to move back to Pittsburgh.


New Decor. I bought this sheet music - our first dance song - as a gift for Matt for our first anniversary. I thought it was fitting as the traditional first anniversary gift is a gift of paper. I never got around to framing it because I could never really find what I wanted, even though it's very basic. It was a great snow day project earlier this week. I think it turned out pretty good, and I'm pretty proud how evenly we got it to hang.

I Won't Give Up - Jason Mraz

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