Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Love

Happy Fourth of July! I hope you have fun plans this weekend. I think we are going to watch fireworks tomorrow night, and hopefully spend some time by the pool. I can't believe it's July! Summer goes too fast. Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Working Mothers. My mom always worked when my sister and I were growing up, in addition to doing like five million other things. It already makes me sad to think about handing over my future offspring to a stranger this winter. {This article} made me feel a little bit better!


Summer Reading. I have finally got my reading act together this week. I am in the middle of The Husband's Secret, and can't wait to see what happens. Any book recommendations for me?


Inside Out. Matt and I saw Inside Out at the drive in on Sunday. I really enjoyed it. I know most people think it's a movie for kids, but really I thought it was more a grown up movie. I recommend it if you haven't seen it.



First Tomatoes! Let's hope the millions of green ones on the vines start turning red.

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  1. Love Liane Moriarty's books...I think I've read all of them now! What Alice Forgot is hands down my favorite!