Wednesday, July 29, 2015

29 Weeks

My first week in the third trimester has been a fun one. We were on vacation and vacation ended with a baby shower. You can see Matt practicing his "awwww, cute" face above. I have been very lucky with minimal weight gain this far, and never really felt like I looked very pregnant until the last few weeks (let's hope this trend continues), but I can now tell those weeks are coming to an end. It's great because it means the baby is growing, and it's fun to be able to feel the baby more, but it does make my movement harder, and those stretching pains were a little rough for a few days. All in all, though, I really can't complain! Things are still going very is this week's wrap up!

How far along? 29 weeks!

How big is the baby? One website says a butternut squash, and the other says acorn squash. I'm going with the butternut variety. I can definitely tell the baby is getting bigger after last week's stomach pains and constant movement.

Maternity clothes? Same status. Yes and no.

Sleep? Mediocre. Our smoke alarms going off last night didn't help, and I've also been getting up with Matt to get miles in before it's super hot. Then there's the whole bathroom situation.

Symptoms? My stomach pains thankfully went away over the weekend! And heartburn has been better. I did have a serious bout of round ligament pain and dizziness today, and going from laying or sitting down to standing is slightly more difficult.

Best moment this week? Our baby shower in Massachusetts! Reading baby Keough books before bed!

Food cravings? Nothing serious. It is harder to finish a meal (and if I try to I sometimes make myself totally miserable), so snacks are important.

Food aversions? Not much right now.

Gender? It's a surprise! I shared our Baby Hunch pool and we LOVE seeing your guesses! Submit one if you would like, just follow this link:

What I miss? Sleeping on my stomach. Being able to get up out of bed and off the couch a little more easily.

What I'm looking forward to? We are having our glider delivered tomorrow, after that we need some shelving and then I think I will be ready to find some things for the walls. 

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