Monday, July 13, 2015

Mount Vernon

This past weekend Matt and I visited Mount Vernon! I had been saying I wanted to go to Mount Vernon for YEARS. I'm not kidding. We would always talk about going, but then find something else to do, or just not go. We finally followed through on Sunday. 

My overall impression...Mount Vernon is HUGE. Seriously. I have never in my life seen so much space in all of Northern Virginia. All I could think the whole time is what that property would be worth to some property developer. Billions. It's all so pretty too. Lots of trees, and of course, the gorgeous view from the back of the house of the Potomac. 

We spent our time walking around the gardens and exploring the different buildings. We also toured the main house and visited Washington's tomb. One of the best parts of the day was when we went to visit Lady Washington. At first I was a little bored and wanted to get on our way, but naturally Matthew had to get his questions in. Martha did not like Matt's Yankee questions at all. She kept in her proper Southern lady character refusing to answer him. Matt was frustrated. After listening for a little longer we got up to leave. Martha stopped her whole banter with the crowd to tell Matt how much she enjoyed him, but he is obviously a New Englander with his progressive views. I thought that was hilarious, and Matt equated it to the Colonial middle finger. 

My trip to Mount Vernon made me like George Washington even more. I was intrigued about why everything/everyone referred to him as the General vs. the President, so I asked. Washington thought you should only have the title of president while in office (a view I share). Washington also wasn't a member of a political party...YES. There were many other facts I'm drawing a blank on right now, but in my book GW is a winner and so is a visit to Mount Vernon. I do think, though, that they should let you bring snacks so you can have a pretty picnic. No food allowed. Rude. 

After walking so much, and not having anything to eat, we took a little drive down the GW Parkway toward Alexandria. We landed upon District Taco, a place I had been wanting to try. Fate. My first experience was good, but not amazing. It's not somewhere I absolutely have to go back to, but I would. In summary, Mount Vernon is a YES, District Taco is a maybe. Get to it Virginia friends and tourists :) 

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