Saturday, July 11, 2015

Friday Love

{Friday Love} on Saturday! I did actually have this written and ready to post last night, but totally forgot to click publish! We went on a baby shopping spree of sorts and I guess I got caught up in all that and neglected my blog. We are headed to a birthday party this morning, and if all goes as planned I might be making my first appearance at Mount Vernon tomorrow. I've never been! Have a great weekend! 


Zoku Popsicle Molds. I mentioned my popsicle craving earlier this week, and I am so enjoying the Zoku Classic molds that I bought to make them. They are the perfect size. Zoku sells a bunch of different sizes and shapes and options. I just want to buy them all now and fill my freezer with a multitude of flavors!


PSU Football Hype Video. YAY! I love football season, but let's not rush. I'm still enjoying summer. This did make me more excited that I am having a football season baby. Crossing my fingers for a PSU vs. OSU delivery. I know that's a little weird.


Maiden Names. Women keeping their last name is back on the rise. Proud to be a part of that statistic!


The Nest. Our Nest thermostat is saving my hot, pregnant life this summer. I try to conserve energy (read save money) and not run our air conditioner constantly in this Virginia heat, but it's getting harder. I have to say not having to get up, or go downstairs, to adjust the temperature is lovely.


Slow Miles. I have been getting better about getting myself out to walk almost everyday for the last couple weeks. I am so, so slow, but I suppose it's better than nothing. It also makes me feel a little more productive in life. I'm hoping this pays off in the end!

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